“KingKebab” is the king in the world of kebabs, which pleasantly surprises with its taste. We are a team of enthusiasts who are “enthralled” by the taste of this delicacy in the fast food segment. Real experts are working to ensure that the kebab has a classic taste that first appeared on the streets of Germany in that form.

We know that the perfect kebab is born only when experienced hands combine the “trio”:

  1. Natural fresh produce. The base of our kebab is juicy pork and tender chicken. For vegetarians, they are the best vegetables.
  2. The classic recipe even chosen by NASA astronauts.
  3. Only natural sauce made by our employees in the kitchen without preservatives.

Our kebab is not exactly from this Earth. He’s from space.

“KingKebab”. When kebab is really useful and natural.

King Kebab
King Kebab